Prayer requests- Ponte Sant' Angelo Methodist Church


Ah, Lord God, our creator, our father.   The world is changing.  Again.

It’s difficult to realize, as I write when the sky is wall to wall blue and a plane suddenly adds a tracery of white, that that interesting line is part of what is changing our world.

As another huge iceberg calves from the Pine island glacier in West Antarctica, as we trace the causes of the desert locust outbreak across South Asia and East Africa we have to admit our world is one ecosystem.

When zoos, such as Chester in the United Kingdom team up with other organizations half a world away, such as nuns protecting axolotl in Mexico, it’s hard to accept that our very interest in a global village doesn’t help protect our whole vulnerable environment.

With the death toll rising and researchers rushing to find a vaccine for the Covid 19 Coronavirus we are concerned that shutting down the economy in China may bring disaster for businesses and nations world wide.

The integration of our vast world has progressed to the point that we cannot imagine how to unravel the threads to this web, the histories, wars and strife and our collective lives.  We confess we have become so used to it that we seem immunized by the fighting in Syria that the news that more people have fled in the last 10 weeks than in the previous 9 years has no effect.   We take news of earthquake and storm and disaster as the daily norm.

Even in this there is good news for you, our Creator and Father, share your graceful gift of creativity with every child.  We hear from the Zaatari camp in Jordan how emergency shelters are recycled and mattresses can be used to grow crops.   Good news might be in short supply in our media and never in your good hands and so we give thanks.  For all the rescuers; all the acts of kindness all that expresses you are our parent.  Praise to you, creator God.



The world in prayer