Prayer requests- Ponte Sant' Angelo Methodist Church














We lift in prayer this week:

Political leaders and all people in Hong Kong, China; North Korea and surrounding neighbours; Baghdad, Iraq; Paris, France; the United States of America and all Central American countries;
The family of Botham Jean and all impending fall-out from the sentencing of Amber Guyger;
The families of those who died following a WWII B-17 bomber crash in Connecticut, U.S.;
Those involved in the process of the impeachment inquiry in the U.S.;
The threads do not wane, the ever-present dangers of living are real, the power to create chaos and confusion exists. So, come into these places and speak your word that will rip open the threats, siphon off the danger and tame the ungodly, unjust powers of the world.

We lift in prayer this week our local and community concerns: (spoken and silent prayers may be offered)

Make your presence known, God, in this brave space and all spaces. Present to us calmness in our need to distort, that we may have the courage to depart our seduced world where we call evil good and good evil.

We thank you for the yes’s in our lives and with a grateful heart we pray,



The world in prayer