Prayer requests- Ponte Sant' Angelo Methodist Church


Creator God, we meet to give you praise and worship.  Each one of our homes in (name of your location) can be called Beth-el, the house of God:  Hear us as we now try to pray from our place here in (county / State, in (country)) and in the world for it is all your world.  We praise you for the beauty of the world and we worship you that we are able to see it as it is – your creation.

We pray for all children and teenagers especially in countries where one school year is ending and we have doubts about what the new one will bring; the changes to schools and universities and how these will affect our lives.

We pray for all those we meet as life slowly changes to a new normal, especially those for whom it means vast changes to life and work.  We pray for the vast networks of support, from foodbanks to care assistants, that all may discover the help needed.

We pray for all who have found lock-down hard, life difficult, and health problematic; for those who mourn, who despair, and who suffer.  For those we know and can name in the silence of our hearts; for those we don’t know but know about, and for those worldwide who suffer.

We pray for our environment: despite the lock-down, earthquake and storm, wildfire and drought, flood and destruction, continue to happen.  We celebrate the reduction in human-made air pollution: now that we have seen how quickly the earth responds grant us the will to care for the whole ecosystem.

We pray for those who are still growing crops and wondering how harvesting will take place. We pray for those packing our food; for those who transport it, especially the crews of bulk carriers and container ships, of tankers, and also of cruiseliners.

We pray, giving thanks for the things we have rediscovered this year:
the beauty of silence and bird song;
the letting go of busy, over-committed lives;
the time to savor in many ways the gifts of word, speech, and friendship;
the time to be in your world as your house.

This is your world, all things are made by you and for your glory.

Hear us, that we might know you are indeed our God.



The world in prayer