Prayer requests- Ponte Sant' Angelo Methodist Church


We meet you in prayer this day, asking for hope and guidance during these times of great uncertainty.

We lift our hearts in prayer for all those protesting police brutality:

  • In Philadelphia, PA, U.S., where Walter Wallace, Jr., a black man experiencing a mental health crisis, was shot and killed by police.
  • In Nigeria amid the #EndSARS weeks-long protests, where dozens of unarmed demonstrators were killed this week at two different demonstrations.

We ask for Your peace, in place of our violence.

Less than a week before Election Day in the United States, many of us are nervously praying for a just election and for all who are able to make their voice heard at the polls.

We ask for Your calm, in place of our anxiety.

We pray for the world during this global pandemic as countries contemplate fresh lockdowns amid the surge of new Covid-19 deaths. Many of us feel completely discouraged.

  • We pray particularly for France, where there’s a record number of new cases.
  • And especially for refugee camps in Syria, where the cases have risen tenfold.

We ask for Your hope, in place of our despair.

We continue prayers for Syria, where violence is steadily escalating, and, this week, Russian airstrikes have killed more than 50, and injured many others.

We ask for Your love, in place of our hatred.

O God of all people, grant us open eyes, minds, and hearts: for all that we can learn during this uncertain time, for new understanding, for abundant generosity, and for more love, that we may learn to truly be Your beloved community.



The world in prayer