Prayer requests- Ponte Sant' Angelo Methodist Church













Holy God, we give thanks this day for the diversity of your creation. As we prepare our hearts and minds for prayer, we remember that You created our world in all of its differences.

We give thanks this day, O God, for all the saints who have come before us: those who worshiped in homes to avoid persecution, those who worshiped in grand cathedrals, and everything in between. We give thanks for holy hands now that are lifted in praise and clasped in prayer.

We pray for the United States, where the Impeachment inquiry divides the country and creates further contention each and every day. We know that You do not discriminate between Republican and Democrat, and we ask that the hearts of each of us as well as our leaders be guided by Your justice and compassion.

We pray for those in California, as hurricane force winds stoke at least 10 wildfires. We know that fires do not discriminate between rich and poor, but the process of recovery does. May we care for the Earth that You created and be Your holy hands that come together to help in recovery efforts.

We pray for the people of Britain as they prepare for a general election in December. We pray it doesn’t become a single-issue debate but a government with a broad vision is elected so Your people may they hold onto a sense of hope and work toward harmony.

We pray for Lebanon, where Prime Minister Saad Hariri has said he will resign after two weeks of massive protests over corruption and the economic crisis that paralyzed the country. With the country’s uncertainty during this time, may Your light of creation shine so bright as to help the people of Lebanon create something new and more equitable.

We pray for all areas of the world where Your beautifully diverse creation somehow turns people away from one another, rather that uniting the world in Your love.

As we approach All Saints Day, we give thanks for everyone who has left their mark all around the earth for You, for us, and for the future. May we walk wisely in the path set before us through examples of faith in action and may our prayers and actions make their mark on this world and lead toward a future that is more just, more hope-filled, more peaceful, and more loving. We pray all of these things in Your many, mighty names. Amen.



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