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Featured Hymns

25 October 2020

Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart

Text: Edward H. Plumtre, 1821-1891
Music: Arthur H. Messiter, 1834-1916
Tune: MARION, Meter: SM with Refrain

We have it on great authority. Christ told us that the pure in heart will see God. But what is it to be "pure?" I looked it up in Meriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. The dictionary provides a number of definitions. Pure can mean something that is free from moral fault or guilt. In another sense, it refers to something that is not mixed with anything else. There are several more definitions, but these give us a good start.

The pure in heart are free from moral fault or guilt to their very core, but the Word tells us that all our righteousness is as filthy rags. So how can we ever be pure? How can we ever see God? Through the purifying power of salvation in Jesus Christ! When we accept Christ into our hearts and keep our focus only on Him, then Christ can cleanse us and make us pure, unmixed with other desires and distractions that separate us from God. Then what a time of rejoicing there will be. Indeed, having been made pure in heart, we shall see God for eternity!

This week's featured hymn was written by Edward H. Plumtre (1821-1891) as a processional hymn for a choir festival in Peterborough Cathedral. A processional hymn for a festival like this needed to be long, and Plumtre's original eleven stanzas of Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart provided enough to fill the need. The theme of rejoicing and thanks continued verse after verse, encouraging and inspiring the congregation to worship God. The United Methodist Hymnal includes five. Seek to be pure in heart as you read them.

1. Rejoice, ye pure in heart; 
rejoice, give thanks and sing; 
your glorious banner wave on high, 
the cross of Christ your King.

Rejoice, rejoice, 
rejoice, give thanks and sing.

2. Your clear hosannas raise, 
and alleluias loud; 
whilst answering echoes upward float, 
like wreaths of incense cloud. 

3. Yes, on through life's long path, 
still chanting as ye go; 
from youth to age, by night and day, 
in gladness and in woe. 
4. At last the march shall end; 
the wearied ones shall rest; 
the pilgrims find their heavenly home, 
Jerusalem the blest. 
5. Praise God who reigns on high, 
the Lord whom we adore, 
the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
one God forevermore. 

May your life of worship be filled with joy and thanks as you sing your praise to God.

God Bless You!