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Featured Hymns

                                8 December 2019

The Advent Candle Song

Text/Tune: Clare Stainsby 

Light a candle in a darkened place,
In its flame see hope on every face,
Christ our Saviour will be born,
Heralding a brand new dawn,
So let it burn.
In the desert hear the voice of one,
Make things ready for your King, says John,
See, His glory is revealed,
And the hope for all is sealed,
So let it burn.
In the darkness, see the coming light,
Word of God speaks through the darkest night.
Keep a watch, the time is near,
Time for hope and not for fear,
So let it burn.
Mary found true favour with the Lord,
Yet she trembled at His strange reward,
Knew this was the special One,
Hope for many through God's Son,
So let it burn.
Stepping through each page of history,
Men of God reveal this mystery,
Prophets hail the coming King,
Words of joy and hope they bring,
So let it burn.
Do not fear, today I bring good cheer,
Jesus Christ, the Saviour now is here,
God has lit his flame of love,
Through His Son from heaven above.
So let it burn.