About us- Ponte Sant' Angelo Methodist Church

About us

Who we are
Ponte Sant’ Angelo (PSA) Methodist Church, Rome is an English speaking congregation belonging to the Italian Methodist - Waldensian Church and is part of the Rome Methodist Circuit. The ministers, however, have been traditionally supplied by the British Methodist Conference as mission partners. 

The congregation is multicultural with members coming from Africa, the Philippines and other parts of Asia/Pacific region, Europe and the Americas and Caribbean.

PSA is a member of Churches Together in Rome, a fellowship of about a dozen English language congregations in Rome with various Protestant, Anglican and Catholic churches represented. 

Everyone is welcome, whatever their background.
The building was originally owned by the Friars of St. Celsus, but was bought by the Italian Free Church and dedicated as a protestant place of worship by Alessandro Gavazzi on 18 March 1877. Initially the building housed the worship sanctuary, a theological college, junior and infant schools and a library. The junior school closed in 1907 and the infant school in 1912. In September of that same year the church was also closed. 

In 1919 the Methodist minister, the Rev Edgar Braford, reopened the church on this strategic site and it was later remodelled in 1934 . Since 1955 the services have been in English to cater for the multinational anglophone community resident in Rome and visiting tourists. 
What we do
Worship takes place here every Sunday at 10.30am. There is a Sunday School for young children and teenagers who leave us after a Bible reading and Word for All and blessing. Visiting young people are welcome to join in. 

Holy Communion is celebrated usually on the first Sunday of every month. Everyone who wishes to receive the bread and the wine is invited to do so. Children may come forward for a blessing. Please make it obvious if your child is wishing to receive the bread and wine.

Coffee and tea are served upstairs in the hall every Sunday after worship. Church pot luck lunches are also held on a frequent basis during the year. Please do join us.

A midweek Bible study takes place on alternate Wednesdays. Please consult the weekly notice sheet for dates. 

Baptisms and wedding blessings are by arrangement with the minister.
Finding us
We claim to be the Pope’s nearest Protestant neighbours, across the bridge from the famous Castel Sant’ Angelo at Piazza di Ponte Sant’ Angelo 68